Re: FC2 with LVM installation problem

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Am So, den 18.07.2004 schrieb Bernard Fay um 03:26:
> I want to use LVM and I setup my drive in the following way:
> hde1	swap	768M
> hde2	/	 512M
> hde3	LVM	/usr		1024M
> 		/usr/local	 512M
> 		/var		 512M
> 		/tmp		 256M
> 		/home		2048M
> 		/opt		1024M
> When anaconda start to install Linux it eventually reply with a message
> about disk space:
> "You don't appear to have enough disk space to install the packages
> you've selected.  You need more space on the following file systems:
> Mount Point	Space Needed
> /mnt		252 M
> Where are my 1024 M assign to it?

/mnt ist mount in / where you assigned 512 mb according to your list.

Nevertheless, I suppose the error message is random. You use a rarely
used partitioning schema and anaconda may be not thoroughly tested in
this area.

Do you try to install just a command line system or including a GUI?

If so your allocated space may be too small. Fedora doesn't store
anything in /opt and /usr/local, and just a few kb in /home during
installation. So you allocated 2 gb for the system. For some operations
the /tmp system may bo too small either.

In general it may be a bad idea to split your disk space into such small
pieces as you are doing. 


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