Anything better than ndiswrapper for Broadcom wireless card?

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I fear this is an all-too-common question, but I want to verify if there's a better answer among the Fedora best.
I have a Dell TrueMobile 1450 MiniPCI card to configure for FC1.  Inside, it's a Broadcom BCM94309 chipset, which Broadcom claims is their "reference implementation" for an 802.11a/b/c wireless interface.  Broadcom doesn't sell it direct, so they don't provide any drivers (same deal for all their wireless devices).
I've found a reference on Google that suggests I'm stuck using ndiswrapper with the Windows driver, but it's an older reference to the BCM4301 chipset.  Couldn't find any references on the Fedora archive nor the Red Hat 'broadcom-list' archive for my hardware.
Am I stuck with ndiswrapper, or are there better alternatives?  Thanks for any help.   Erik

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