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At 11:34 6/15/2004, Christensen Tom wrote:

Yes I am speaking of RHEL licenses. Fedora is a redhat sponsored project (or does the fact that their site is not mean anything to anyone else?) I have mandrake 10.0 and Suse 9.1 both running on this same hardware, dual booting, and it all works fine right out of the box. I love how you guys act like people using this distro doesn't affect redhat, it does.

If you are spending $50K on RHEL, I suggest that you contact Red Hat directly and loudly voice your concerns to *them*. I'm sure they will listen, as surely any company would to a large customer. If you feel compelled to bitch at a few hundred people, then take it to fedora-devel whichs is mostly populated by people who actually work *on* Fedora. Bitching at a few thousand *users* of the product is really going to gain you nothing... it shows a marked lack of common sense on your part.

Why not use RHPW for your workstations? At the $55 I paid for it, sure sounds like a great product for a corporate desktop. Or why not stick to FC1 for a few more weeks (say, six weeks) to watch the new release rollout and see everyone else suffer? That's always a great way to "test" new software... watch everyone else. Note that my teeny-tiny 25-person company has one FC2 server and two FC2 workstations in testing... the other Fedora boxen are still on FC1. Gee, I wonder why *I* don't have a crisis on my hands?

It honestly sounds to me like you made a huge mistake in rolling out FC2 like it was hot bread fresh out of the oven, and your decision bit you in the ass, and you're lashing out at everyone else trying to avoid admitting that you screwed the pooch, hard. Certainly your tone doesn't indicate that you actually want to solve anything... you demand and threaten, but do not suggest or propose. If you worked for me, and you had a big enough corporation to spend $50K on server licenses at your command, and you rolled out FC2 that quickly, I'd fire your ass.

Whether you want to solve the problem, or want to bitch and moan, or want to take your business elsewhere... no matter *which* of these you want, this list is *still* the wrong place since no one here can help you do any of the above. Do something intelligent: go bitch to someone WHO CAN HELP YOU. I'm sure many of us would be happy to help you... it's just that WE CAN'T!

Quit crying and bitching, and go solve your problem. However you prefer to do so. IMNSHO, starting a mass migration of servers to another Linux distro for something this small (which should have bitten a few test machines in your company and not done any major harm if you'd been awake) is another classic example of really poor decision-making. But then, it's your job on the line, not mine.

Good luck!

-- Rodolfo J. Paiz rpaiz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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