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On Thu, 10 Jun 2004 22:35:29 -0600
"Jeffrey D. Means" <meaje@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> problems I have. 3) I have a server down now for well over 2 weeks due
> to this issue I am having with the advansys SCSI card and have not made
> time to reload FC1 on it yet which is making me edgy. 4) I just
> installed a new g-force 4 card in my desktop and can not get the
> enhanced drivers put out by NVIDIA to run with it on FC1 or FC2 (Yes I
> need to RTFM some more).  Now I realize that none of these items should
> excuse me wanting you guys to snap to and do something but I hope you
> now see why I was so frustrated this morning, and yes I did choose the
> wrong place to take my frustrations out, so I apologize again hoping
> that you will understand why I blew and that it was directed at so many
> things not just the FC team.


Can tell you're under a lot of pressure and wish I could be more help solving
your issues with FC2.   If you look back, Andy Green gave some good advice 
on the nVidia problem.   Don't know what to suggest for the SCSI card issue; 
with any luck someone else on the list will have an idea for you.   Trying 
LKML might be worth a shot too.  Either way, make sure to file a bug report 
so that the issue doesn't get forgotten.

Good luck,

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