Screen corruption in and later XFree 4.3 versions

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Hello all--

I have a Dell Inspiron 300m laptop that has an Intel 855GM video chipset
(Centrino). When I close and re-open the lid or switch on the external VGA
port in X (not on the console), a bar of corruption appears at the top of
the screen. This only happens in the server included with Fedora Core
2 or updated versions of the XFree86 server in Core 1 (at least 4.3.0-55,
could be earlier). It does *not* happen with the X server included in the
FC1 distribution (version 4.3.0-42). After updating the X server in Fedora
Core 1 to 4.3.0-55, I can immediately fix the problem by dropping in the
i810_drv.o file from 4.3.0-42 into /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers. I also
backed up and, but they are exactly the same size in
both versions (i810_drv.o changed sizes) so I doubt there's a problem there.
What has changed since XFree86 4.3.0-42 that could be causing my problem? Is
there something I can do myself to fix this? Perhaps I should file a bug?

Andrew Barr

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