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Douglas Furlong wrote:
On Thu, 2004-06-10 at 15:52, Doug Stewart wrote:

Jeffrey D. Means wrote:

I have now encountered 4 problems since upgrading to Core 2 due to the
stack size you chose in compiling Core 2.  Why the hell did you not
compile with the default size of 8k??

I have now encountered at least 2 problems with your message. Why the heck did you not search the archives before asking a question that has been asked tens, if not hundreds of times?

What was the second problem? ;)

Well, he didn't enumerate any, so I figured we were just throwing random numbers into our email.

Although, I guess you could count the problems as 1) asking a question that has figuratively been asked to death and 2) being rude about it in the process.


Doug Stewart
Systems Administrator/Web Applications Developer
Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Labs

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