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On Monday 07 June 2004 11:54, K.M.Zammi Kahan wrote:
> Hi,
> My opinion on Fedora roadmap is , New version should be released every six
> months, yes every six months. What I mean is every odd release of Fedora
> should be bug fixed/maintenance release without new addons. I think this
> kind of senario will help Fedora to be stable in addtion to be bleading
> edge. That mean FC3 should be thoroughly tested  maintenance release with
> stable updates.

There's something to that idea.

The six month thing just sounds like an arbitrary goal that is going to create 
unfinished releases, this time is was selinux, in the end it fell off the end 
of the world but in the meanwhile sucked up a lot of effort and maybe made 
the unfinishedness factor of FC2 worse than it could have been.

If a release goes out with serious problems that impacts the people helping on 
the mailing list too (and the poor search capabilities of the Redhat ml 
archive doesn't help).

I don't see much sign of this "community distro" thing for Fedora either, it 
is almost fully a Redhat show.  Of course with great guys like Alan Cox, Dave 
Jones, Arjan and all the others that is not a bad situation, but it is not 
really community driven either.  (Of course Redhat pays their wages, they can 
choose what to do themselves and I am grateful that we get the benefit of 
whatever they want to do.  But Redhat explain they want to "invite and 
encourage more outside participation", will use a "more open process")

"Community Driven" would maybe look like a fat website where registered people 
voted on packages, voted when to freeze features, and when to release...  
although selinux is sexy maybe such a thing would have deferred it earlier...  
I don't think the Redhat folks should be "slaves to the majority" either, 

- -Andy

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