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mmm something nipped it

On Mon, 2004-06-07 at 12:50, Chadley Wilson wrote:
> hello friends
> probably a stupid question, if I run find on a file called test1 if I
> have the file then it responds like this.
|[[email protected] play]$ find . test1

But now the files I am actually looking for are called (test)a ,b ,c etc
this is what find returns.

|[[email protected] play]$ find .  \(test\)a
|find: invalid predicate `(test)a'
|[[email protected] play]$ find . '(test)a'
|find: invalid predicate `(test)a'

Can someone direct me to the light please.

> [[email protected] play]$ find . test1
Chadley Wilson
Soon 2 B RHCE
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Enjoy the adventures of Linux 
Linux is easy, lazy people critise, curse and fail.

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