Re: FAQ Question? Any FC2 programmers read this?

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Panu Matilainen wrote:
On Mon, 31 May 2004, Marc Lucke wrote:

Stupid question - probably an RTFA one at that so sorry in advance - 
would this list be looked at by any one of the Fedora coders?  There are 
many basic Q&As which is good but is there another place for me to ask 
or relate my problem/s?
Yes there are developers hanging around on this list as well. Whether your 
question is appropriate for fedora-devel is another matter (which I can't 
answer since you didn't include any of those questions here :)
Usually it doesn't hurt asking first on fedora-list, it's much more 
catch-all in nature than the other forums.

	- Panu -

Thanks Panu.  Earlier in the list I asked about kernel >= 2.4.24 (I think) recognising my sata disk as hde and booting from it no problems.  The FC1 kernels never did, though - I had to compile my own.  I was surprised about the sata section not being in the low-level scsi driver section but it the kernel worked anyway.  The 2.6 series kernel seem to have gone back to the bad old days (from my point of view) of needing libata, that piix module and the other low level scsi drivers.  In fact to boot my system at all I had to modify the initrd to load these modules.

What I want is the old hde thing back - i.e. ata, not scsi emulation.  When I got the drive as hde it was much faster and my system could be made to do other things whilst the disk was busy.  I don't really want to compile my own kernels or mess about with the initrd because this means work for me everytime there is a kernel update just to get it working!

It is a 865PE chipset on a Gigabyte 8IPE1000PRO2 m/b, ich5.

If anyone else has this computer setup and has the same problems I am happy to help them get to where I am which, at least, is working.  Love the way 2.6.5 handles memory!  Very snappy kernel.


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