Re: cron dies (randomly?) on fedora core 1

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Andy Green wrote:

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On Wednesday 26 May 2004 21:01, Jeremy Brown wrote:

Has anyone experienced strange behavior like this from the vixie-cron
packaged with Fedora? Or anyone know of a reason cron might be killed
by the OS?

Check you memory usage... I and others have observed that slocate (run by cron) is somehow leaking monsterous amounts of memory.

I have seen this on two machines at least (the others are up and down too often for it to accumilate noticeably), and now disable slocate in cron.daily.

Strange. I've set up a process to repeatedly run "/etc/cron.daily/slocate.cron", check memory usage, and check to see if crond is still running. I see that the first time "slocate.cron" is run, available memory definitely does shoot way down, but after that it seems to stay about the same.

I'll holler back with some results, hopefully in a day or so.


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