Apparent incompatibility between SATA and smp kernel

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I had FC1 working pretty well with the new motherboard (MSI 
865PE-Neo2-PFIS2R), running purely Parallel ATA.  Got it all installed and 
happy, and the hyperthreading on the 2.4.22-1.2188.nptlsmp kernel seemed 
to be working just fine.  Then I plugged in my SATA drive, which works 
fine under Win2K.  Now when I try booting with the smp kernel, the machine 
locks up hard (have to hit the power switch) right after failing the 
usb-storage insmod.  

It fails the printer insmod, then the scsi insmod, then the usb-storage 
insmod, then locks up tight.

The funny thing is that I can boot just fine under the uni-processor 
kernel (though I have no idea how to get to the drive).

I hear that FC2 is supposed to have better support for SATA.  Is that 
true?  I don't have so much configured yet in FC1 that it wouldn't break 
my heart to reload FC2 in a couple of weeks.



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