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If you are only talking about steaming video(DVD) over
vlc works like a charm.

It sounds to me you need somesort of junkbox/databse as
backend however.

--- Jon Shorie <jshorie@xxxxxxxxxxxx> からのメッセージ:
> On Thursday 29 April 2004 15:06, Jon shorie wrote:
> > The next project that I am working on is to set up
> a web based video server
> > using Fedora Core 1 as the O/S.  My plan is to use
> apache to offer a
> > selection of videos which may be downloaded and
> viewed.  
> >
> > All videos are ones that we have taken here of our
> projects.  They are
> > currently stored as dvd's and if we want to view
> one, we need to find the
> > dvd and watch it.
> >
> > I would like for the user to be able to take a
> screen shot and print it out
> > to either a color laser or a plotter.  (We have
> both printers currently).
> >
> > Is something like this possible without some
> special software.  The server
> > will be only accessible on our intranet so
> security is not a major issue
> > for this project.
> If at all possible, I would also like to know if
> anybody has any suggestions 
> of software to convert from .vob video files to
> either mpeg or avi or 
> anything else that is compressed.
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