Re: kudzu and modems.

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akonstam@xxxxxxxxxxx (akonstam@xxxxxxxxxxx) said: 
> I can't understand the behavior of kudzu in respect to my serial
> modem. After initial installation it detects the modem but after that
> it is ignored. What I mean is I can remove the modem and kudzu ignores
> the change, or I can remove the modem from the kudzu database and
> kudzu ignores the change. I can run: kudzu --class MODEM and kudzu
> will remove all my hardware from its database except the MOUSE but it
> still ignores the modem.
> How can I get kudzu to notice that I have  changed, removed or added
> the modem?

Probably? Fix the serial probe so it's less flaky. :/

One thing to note is that it will not find any serial devices if
something is holding the serial port open at the time. (or just
has a stale lock file)


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