Re: A laptop, a mouse and a touchpad

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Hi jim

on my notebook (dell inspiron 500m) the new 2.6.x kernel got my touchpad working perfectly (before it wasn't useable).


Jim Radford schrieb:
Hi All,

I just installed FC2-T2 to see what it was like, turns out I couldn't get it working (lots of SElinux problems and it didn't recognise my soundcard). It did something I've never been able to figure out - My touchpad and my USB mouse both worked at the same time.....any ideas how I can get this working under FC1 - now I've reinstalled it.

The laptop is a Fujitsu Lifebook S6120 if that makes a difference.

Oh, and FC2 looks great - shame I had so many problems with it. Can't wait for a stable release.

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