Copy with SCP - low performance

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I am using scp to copy large amount of small files between 2 servers
with a firewall in the middle, but the copy takes all CPU, this is the

- The files are copied in batch of 100 tif images, in a directory with
more than 5 million files.
- the server that initiate the scp is a 1.2Ghz P3 with 2G in ram, the
receiver is a double Xeon 2.6ghz with 2G in ram. The first server takes
no time to send the file, but the receiver takes more than 200segs to
copy. They are in a 100mb lan.
- the top comand shows 98% free cpu before the scp, when scp start it
takes 100% of the 2 xeon cpu. The problem is not the ram, both servers
have more than 1G free when scp starts.

I tried with all the SCP flags (-q, -c blowfish, etc), and nothing

Horacio Reyes Rios
Eng. Director.

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