Re: Gimp and True Type Fonts

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su, 2004-03-28 kello 06:29, Chadley Wilson kirjoitti:
> Guys how do you use a font that you downloaded in gimp.
> I have installed it in FC1 and it is available in all my other apps like
> OO, except for gimp. Is there another way?

Gimp 1.x uses different font system than newer gtk2 programs and doesn't
see same fonts other Gnome/KDE programs do.

If you installed your fonts to ~/.fonts, open terminal and try this:
cd .fonts
xset +fp /home/your_account/.fonts

You have do xset-command every time you log in and mkfontstuff if you
install new fonts.

But really, consider installing new Gimp 2.0.0 from (You'll
need some additional libraries from freshrpms with their .rpm.)

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