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Mike Cisar wrote:
Have just attempted to do a clean install of FC1 and set up software RAID 1
during the install process. I have 2x 120Gig IDE drives which I want to
RAID1 and then split into 3 partitions (/, /boot and swap). I want /boot to
be the first partition (if it's not the first partition it ends up getting
the error "system may not be bootable, blah, blah"). In a non-raid
configuration this is not a problem, if I flat as EXT3 it seems to recognize
that /boot should be "first" and always shuffles it to the first partition
(if I don't specify the partition as /boot it still seems to shuffle it off
sometimes to a higher partition, though not always). However, if I go and
try to select SOFTWARE RAID as the partition type, the small partition which
would be boot once I set up the raid ends up getting pushed up to the 2nd or
3rd partition which then spits up the error message again.

So far the only solution I've found is to run the installer, partition the
1st drive, cancel the install once partition table has been written, start
the install again, partition the 2nd drive, cancel again and then start the
install a 3rd time at which point I can change the existing partition types
to Software RAID, raid the drives and complete the install.

There must be an easier way, help :-)

I'm in the same boat. I may be alone in this, but I absolutely *hate* all these new-fangled partition twiddlers a la "Disk Druid". What I do is boot from CD the first time with "linux rescue", partition using fdisk, and reboot - it's faster and less annoying. You should be able to do something similar, except that you will have to fdisk twice, with a "raidstart" in between...

I sure wish we could get at fdisk from the installer, though.

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