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I have downloaded the rpm "kernel-2.6.4-1.257.i686.rpm"(from I hear I have to make some directory changes 
and some aliases to get it working.Any one furnish me with details on this 
new version.I got installation instructions upto version 2.6.0 from the but nothing for the later releases anywhere in the net.

>Michael Scottaline wrote:
> On Thu, 11 Mar 2004 11:17:12 +0530
> Kaustubh Ghosh <[email protected]> insightfully noted:
> KG>Is it possible to have two kernels configured on the same linux distro.
> KG>I have the kernel 2.4.22-...nptl... that is provided by default with 
> KG>want to install kernel 2.6.0. Is it possible to choose from Grub which
> KG>kernel I want to boot?I want to keep both and use the one with which I 
> KG>feel comfortable deleting the other later. Is a kernel rpm avilable or I
> KG>have to compile it?
> KG>
> ==============================
> RPMs are available.  Use the -ivh option instead of -Uvh (install as opposed
> to upgrade) and you will have both on your system.  Grub can be set up to
> allow you to choose the kernel at boot time.

>On Thu, 11 Mar 2004 09:58:14 -0800
>"Bevan C. Bennett" <[email protected]>wrote:
>In fact, that's pretty much what grub is all about. If you install a
>kernel rpm with -ivh, it should even get automatically configured in
>grub for you.

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