Re: About the connection with php and MS-SQL ( JDBC Driver, eg :freetds )

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Em Qua, 2004-03-03 às 09:50, edwardspl@xxxxxxxxxx escreveu:

> > There's no more pico on fedora, licensing issues with pine.
> > Try typing "nano" - it's a pico clone, included with fedora.
> > What I use to do is a
> > ln /usr/bin/nano /usr/bin/pico
> > Because I type "pico" without even think - my fingers move automatically
> > :-)
> And what tool is similar with "pine" included with fedora ?

Unfortunately, there isn't. If you mean a text-mode email client,
there's mutt, but it's far different.

To read email remotely, I've set up an IMAP server and squirrelmail, the
webmail provided in fedora. Not text-based, but it's light, runs with 16
colors if you want, and there's no javascript. You can use it on lynx.

For me, reading text in a ssh terminal is past. Not necessairly good


Alexandre Ganso 
500 FOUR vermelha - Diretor Steel Goose Moto Group

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