Re: S3 Prosavage PN133 Video issue during installation

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Em Qua, 2004-02-18 às 09:29, Paul Dubinsky escreveu:
> > > Atlantic University , is to add then following line:
> > >         Option      "UseBIOS" "off"
> >I think he was talking about installation...
> He was but you could only make this change after installation and then you 
> couldn't login to make the change.

There was a parameter you set so you can install graphically. Man, I'm
starting to forget stuff hard. I know because I've installed fedora on
my machine in 640x480, but with X, not text-mode. And I have a

> > > RedHat distros had just that question: text or graphical login?
> >typing "linux text" on boot cd doesnt to this?
> No, it doesn't (that was my first attempt at getting around this problem) 
> but maybe it should.  The install runs in text mode but the first boot runs 
> in runlevel 5 graphical mode.

I cannot say about this. I can't remember if a upgraded machine (from
rh9) opens firstboot...


Alexandre Ganso 
500 FOUR vermelha - Diretor Steel Goose Moto Group

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