Re: What's wrong with the up2date???

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Am Fr, den 13.02.2004 schrieb M.Hockings um 19:13:

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> Good article Alexander.

Thank you. I hope it is helpful.

> I have a question.  I have a local mirror that I create by rsync'ing 
> with a mirror.  This works very well to keep the 4 or 5 FC1 machines 
> here updated.  I notice that occasionally I seem to pick up a corrupt 
> file from the mirror and I have to delete the rpm and re-rsync with 
> another mirror to pick up a good version.  My question is this, do 
> mirrors self-correct in that they detect a difference in the file and 
> pull down the correct version on their next sync or is it a user's 
> responsibility to report it to the mirror's operator?
> In my case the kernel source for the 2166 kernal was only 5M (should be 
> around 40M) from zeniiia in the UK.
> Kind regards,
> Mike

Mike, rsync does the job, it synchronizes on a bit basis. The file you
got with wrong size may be/have been broken on the mirror server as
actually the Redhat main server is under heavy load. this way even the
mirrors sometimes get not valid files. Just be a little patient. :)


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