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Dirk Wendland wrote:

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Dirk Wendland wrote:


I want to use the graphik acceleration for my SIS 650 Graphics Card

I found a driver at SIS . COM but it is compilled with a gnu Compiler
Version 2 so it won´t work

Coul´d anyone help

Dirk Wendland
A little development Tool for C++ / Java / OpenGL
under Linux

Linux Rules ;)

Check out  I think this fellow has Linux
drivers for SiS hardware.  They give slightly better performance than
the SiS provided drivers.

Mind though,  the SiS 3D hardware gives all the acceleration of the
first model VW Beetle (IMHO).



this driver has no acceleration for this hardware this is like the normal
sis650 Framebuffer



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Hi Dirk,

Sorry, that is the only one that I know of. On the couple of machines here with SiS graphics it does provide a wee bit better framerate in glxgears. If you happen to find something better please post it !

Kind regards,


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