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Hi everyone,

I cant seem to find anyone who can help
I am trying to get our in house app which connects to an SQL2000-ent
sever to run in linux, I have the app running just fine but I cant get
connection to the database,
When you install it in windoze all you have to install is client
connectivity, I have browsed the win dirs on my XP system but there are
no files installed. but it works. 
Cant I use the linux sql to some how get the link.
The other Problem I think I am faced with is the fact that linux doesn't
log into the domain. Is it possible to logon to the windoze domain with
The  I also need to map the directory to the U drive in my wine folder.

Please if you have any Ideas I will be throwing a party on your behalf.

A BIG BIG thanks for any help in advance,
You folks are great.


Chadley Wilson <[email protected]>

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