Re: 3c556 Ethernet card not detected in Fedora with 2.6 kernel

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Plum, Michael A. wrote:
I recently installed Fedora (kernel version 2.4.22-1.2115.nptl) on my IBM Thinkpad T21. It ran great. It also ran great under Redhat 9.
Then I installed the 2.6 kernel using up2date. The new kernel is 2.6.1-1.141. My problem is that now the Ethernet card doesn't seem to be detected. When I reboot to kernel 2.6 kudzu comes up asks to remove this card (but I tell it to keep it).
When I try to start Ethernet manually in the network configuration utility it fails.
Also in the network configuration utility, under Hardware Device, I see MAC address ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff, and probe can't find it.
In modprobe.conf there is the line "alias eth0 3c59x".
I've tried removing it and adding it in the network configuration utility, with no luck.
In Hardware Browser, the system does detect the card, as a 3c556B Hurricane Cardbus, driver = 3c59x.
In /lib/modules/2.6.1-1.141/kernel/drivers/net there is a file named 3c59x.ko.
Any ideas?
Thanks much in advance.
-- Mike.

Mike Plum
Rm. 300, 701SCA

The problem with the 3com card on a Fedora installation is pretty common. There are a lot of prior solutions to get this card to work. I believe the problem is with interaction with the ethtool version used with Fedora.

I think the program sets the card in an erratic state. This probably has to do with auto-negotiate mode that the card has.

Check the archives and bugzilla. The solutions are varied and range from disabling kudzu during boot, not booting through the graphical boot loader. Adding return conditions into the ifup file and setting the mode to the desired mode, instead of alowing the card to auto-negotiate, which it does not do well with Fedora and the Betas up to it.


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