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Pacak Jan wrote:


I've got very marginal problem, but it woult be nice, if it works...

When i§ve compiled my kernel - I need some special drivers, it doesnt work PowerOff (the poweroff sequence stops with message Power down, but computer is still running). Could somebody help what should i do to fix it, ples?

Thank you


How did you configure the kernel? Did you copy a config from the /usr/src/linux/config directory and modify that? Or did you start from scratch?

It looks like your new kernel does not have ACPI or APM, or else the modules are not getting loaded.

What I'd do is sve your config, copy a new one from the configs directory and modify that. Boot using that kernel and see if it solves the problem.

If not, you need to play around with the ACPI or APM modules - google is your friend.

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