Re: root is denied the ability to change permissions?

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Subject: Re: root is denied the ability to change permissions?

> On Fri, 26 Dec 2003 15:07:43 -0400, you wrote:
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> >I appreciate someone actually explaining in short, simple language
> >*what* to do (not that I've tried yet). There are too many options for
> >most things in linux for us newbies to use trial and error in any
> >useful fashion. But if someone tells us the correct "magic
> >incantation", *THEN* we can often work backwards using trial and error
> >to learn a bit. Starting blind makes it nearly impossible though.
> It certainly makes me feel much better to hear someone else say
> exactly that. Thank you!
You may try this:

/dev/hdb7               /mnt/comn               vfat    defaults,noauto,user,noatime 0 0

See the ^^^^ amrk
You need to add user to your mount option.

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