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On Fri, 2003-09-26 at 12:16, Roberto J. Dohnert wrote:
> I know you guys have probably been pretty much fending off the naysayers
> for the last couple of days who are predicting doom on Red Hat.  I will

>From what I have read from the FAQ and other posts.

> 1.  Will Red Hat be extending the EOL for any of its older products such
> as RH 7.x and 8.x and will they allow any further renewal subscriptions to
> services for these older products?

No. You can find third party companies who will do this though.

> 2.  Will Red Hat make boxed versions available of Fedora Core through the
> online store or is there a plan to get a third party retail firm behind
> it?

Not at the present time if ever. It costs mucho money to push something
with such a short shelf-life into the retail channel. You basically end
up having to pay retailers to take it and thus you lose money.

> 3.  Will Red Hat extend any kind of service agreements to users of Fedora
> Core in a production environment who are subscribed to the RHEL services?

No. Red Hat isnt offering any support for Fedora, and only limited
maintenance for it.

> 4.  Has anyone heard or talked to Sun about the status of Java support
> extending to Fedora Core as they do through Red Hat 8.x and 9.x?

Nothing official. I am using the latest Java RPM on my RHEL beta box,
and had no problems with it on Severn 1 when I was testing it.

> 5.  What will be the status of NVidia driver support for Fedora Core?

>From what I have heard it works for some cards.. not for others. Being
binary only you get to deal with NVidia on all issues of getting it

> Most of my clients need Java and the NVidia or ATI support and they do not
> wish to subscribe to RHEL, most of them have inside Linux techs who do
> most of the updates for them or for anything really intensive they call me
> and my company.

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