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For a product or for a service ??  Two different questions.

For a product, I would give very little.  One of the appeals of Linux in 
general is that it is freely available in one form or another.  Considering 
the learning curve, I wouldn't want to pay much just to find out it's "too 
geeky" for me to understand.  Most of my customers consider winders to be 
"free" since it comes with the computer and few if any would even dream of 
buying a system without an OS.

For a service, I would pay more readily.  I pay a phone bill each month, a 
light / water bill each month, etc, etc.  Why wouldn't I pay a "support" bill 
each month?  I can envision multiple tiers of support;  Least expensive would 
include updates, bug fixes, but no phone or email support.  Next tier would 
include email support with another tier for limited phone support and so on 
up to "unlimited" support.

I'm currently using a demo up2date account because health and other problems 
won't let me afford to purchase a years worth.  I could probably squeeze a 
monthly support bill into the budget.  That's just me though.

I initially began using Linux with the vision of becoming proficient enough to 
offer it to my customers as an alternative to winders with support coming 
from both Red Hat and myself.  That "dream" hasn't come to pass for a lot of 
little reasons.  If Fedora isn't well supported, free or otherwise, I don't 
see it becoming the replacement to Red Hat's desktop product.

Just my cumulative thoughts on the matter.


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