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On Thu, 2003-09-25 at 09:43, Marc Schwartz wrote:

> Related to this subject, in an obtuse sort of way, what is the
> recommended/preferred approach to upgrading from RH 9 to Fedora Beta #2?
> Can one do a distro upgrade or should one do a fresh install?  

Both are recommended, in order to have as many people testing the
various bits of code on as many different systems as possible (assuming
your interest in the beta is to help with bug testing). 

> If the
> latter, will the Fedora install process preserve the present /home tree
> structure if one does not alter the partitions?

If /home is its own partition, yes. Just don't allow the installer to
automatically partition for you. Choose manual partitioning, and edit
the current /home partition to mount /home and "Leave as is". You'll
need to edit the remaining partitions to set the mount points and mark
them for reformatting. You may want to backup any config files in /etc
that you've made changes to before doing the install, as well as any
databases, web pages, etc., in /var.

> FWIW, I am presently using yum and apt/synaptic DL'd from the
> site for RH 9 stable.

You'll probably need to update your versions of yum and apt, or at least
change the repositories to point to the appropriate beta repositories.

> TIA,
> Marc
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