Update Fedora to a new Major-Version while running

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Hi *,

will it be "official supported" to update from one Fedora-Core to the
next major Fedora-Core Version while the machine is doing it's normal
(server) work? Like a "rpm -F *" on a RHL8 machine in a directory with a
rpms of RHL9. (Does this really work? I never tried, but was told it would.)

Okay, one reboot (needed to run the new kernel) will be needed and is
IMHO okay, but a downtime of 30 min or 1h and waiting in the
surroundings of the machine to change the CDs is sometimes very disturbing.

Especially if I'm forced to update at least once a year if security
updates will only be provided for the current and the last Fedora-Core
Version (Yes, I know, I can buy Red Hat Enterprise Linux if I really
need longer support, but that is not always an option for small/medium
sized home servers or firms).

Thorsten Leemhuis

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