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updated Fedora Core system with the ATI Radeon 9600 and drivers from the
ATI website for XFree86 4.3 after every kernel update I run the .rpm
file from ATI's site to make sure that it is installed correctly. I have
to as the ethernet card on the ASUS A78X has the nforce2 chipset and the
onboard ethernet takes a driver from the website at so I do
it for both the ethernet and the ATI video card. Well since the dawn of
this machine tuxracer has never been able to work correctly as it wants
the MESA .rpm file or something as when I remove it no OpenGL program
will run. Anyone else with this problem? The reason that it will not run
as it cannot find the libraries for OpenGL. is removed.
If I reinstall XFree86-Mesa-libGLU-4.3.0-42 then it runs slower than
anything I have ever seen.

Please help.

Thank you,
Ryan Zygar

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