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John Pantone wrote:

I have fedora up and running very nicely. ACPI working, all seems well, except the "built-in" driver for my Radeon Mobility 9M video doesn't allow for the all important switching to external monitor (projector) except at low res. Same with the driver from ATI. Irritating thing is that the "built in" driver in RH 9 works great...

Can I filch the driver from RH 9 ?

How ?


I think the old RH9 XFree didn't have ATI Radeon 9K M support, so it used the SVGA driver,
which didn't have hardware acceleration and had problems with display suspend/sleep and resume.
I have a Dell Inspiron with a */beautiful /*1600x1200 LCD display ( I like it better than my 23" desktop monitor).
I am SO happy with the new XFree in FC1b3, but I have never tried using the external display on it....


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