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Hi all!

I know that nvidia is evil with releasing their drivers only in binary
format and so on. But my thoughts regarding that:

I have never ever been abe to install any redhat graphically with a
geforce card (tried geforce 2 mx, geforce 2 go, geforce 4 ti 4200,
different monitors, different computers, btw: a tnt2 worked without
problems), neither 8.0 nor 9 nor fedora. After the text based install
I've never been able to get X to run. I always had to get the binary
nvidia drivers to get X to run.
While I don't think it's to bad to have to download them for 3d
acceleration, I think it's bad if even 2d doesn't work with the

There has to be some reolution for this. Anaconda recognises my graphic
card and my monitor just before trying to start X. Then it fails and
just tells me to reboot. :(
The switch to fb-mode works btw. I thought that was a graphics mode as
well. Wouldn't that be a possibility to allow graphical install?

Redistribution of the nvidia-driver is allowed. Wouldn't it be possible
(perhaps as an extra ISO-image or whatever) to allow the use of the
binary driver from installation on? I understand that RedHat cannot
support that driver but as it's now fedora and that isn't supported
anyway, support issues shouldn't be a concern, or am I wrong there?

Ok, that was something that was itching me since at least RedHat 8.0...
Niels Weber <[email protected]>

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