RE: When doing an up2date, I get a warning about GPG not signed

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I am not sure if this is the same as getting the GPG not signed.


The other problem does not let you connect to RHN at all.  I know about that one since I have RH 7.3/9.0 as well.



Maybe the Rawhide packages don’t get GPG signed???   GPG is used to prevent tampering, right






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Williams Jr, Ernest L. wrote:



I am doing an up2date after installing Fedora test 3:


Does anyone else get a warning about the packages not being signed with GPG??

This is potentially dangerous, right?  Should I not proceed with the up2dates.

Not sure if this applies to Fedora as it does to Red Hat, but from a link on their front page....

"The certificate used by up2date and rhn_register to communicate with Red Hat Network reached its end of life on August 28th, 2003. Users attempting to connect to Red Hat Network will see SSL connection or certificate verification failures."

Check out a fix at::








Ernest L. Williams Jr.



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