RE: RE: Fedora and the System Administrator -- are my assumptions on SuSE incorrect?

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On Fri, 2 Oct 2003 20:32 , Bill Anderson <[email protected]> said:

> On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 18:05, Buck wrote:
> > According to the SuSE rep, the Professional, Pro Upgrade and Personal
> > CD-ROMs may be copied and distributed as long as there is no profit
> > involved.  That was this afternoon while I have been addressing these
> > questions.
> Which would be no different than RH's requirements. You can *give* away
> the discs all you want on the comparable installments of RH. When we are
> talking about Enterprise stuff, however, well see my other post for teh
> details.
> Thus, when comparing RHEL to SuSE personal something is more than fishy.
> Of course, since we want as close as possible, to compare to
> Person/Professional we need to compare those to Fedora.
> A. Can you give it away/freely redistributable?
> B. Can you sell it?
> Fedora:
> A: Yes
> B. Yes
> SuSE:
> A: Yes[1]
> B: No
> Also note that personal does not come with Apache, LDAP client/server,
> NIS/NFS Server, "Development tools". Their guide also list sit as only
> having "Basic " "security software".
As somebody who once thought of moving (only my home stuff), I'm pretty
sure the former "personal" versions had all these things (I've not looked
at the CDs for a good while), so it _appears_ that SUSE has "changed" as

Alan Thew

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