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Christopher Cox wrote:

Has anyone gotten a Sony Clie to sync with Fedora Core 1? This was easy in SuSE as the clie was detected with a correct module. In Fedora, I notice that hotplug tries to load a visor module? this doesnt seem correct .. and does not work like it did in SuSE.

Not sure if it's any help to you, but I got my Clie (USB) working by creating a link from /dev/pilot to /dev/ttyUSB0. I started up Evolution,
went to the Pilot config pages and set the speed to 57600, the connection to USB and the device to /dev/pilot and away it went.

Not sure if this is the correct/easiest way, but I made the link by having Konqueror open in two windows, with root access in both. Then I highlight /dev/ttyUSB0 in one window and drag it into /dev in the other and it asks if I want to copy, move or link it there. Select link and then rename it to pilot instead of ttyUSB0.

Hope this helps.

Bryan Anderson <[email protected]>

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