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The firmware and the 3dm daemon software is proprietary but NOT
Linux O/S kernel dependant. 

3ware updates these as required within days of a change and makes
them available on their web site.


We don't have any benchmarks for software raid for many reasons:

1) Software RAID requires the cpu to do 2 reads/writes for each
read/write the system does.

Most of our customers are using CPU cycles for file serving and
database functions and need all the performance they can get while
optimizing the RAID functions at a reasonble price.

2) If you would like to publish your software RAID benchmarks I'd
be interested in the numbers you get.

Please download and use bonnie++ and zcav (do a google search for
bonnie++) so we can compare apples to apples.

3) The components with the worst MTBF is the disks - same number
of them - pretty close to the same MTBF.

Lastly a properly designed, properly cooled and properly built
server or workstation will continue to function long after its
obsolete. If Reliability is designed in, then performance becomes
the issue if price is the same or close.


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Seth Bardash wrote:

> These controllers survived the Virginia Hurricane at our ISP's
> and endured 132 degree F ambient temps (their NOC lost cooling
but not 
> power) for 3 days without any failures as did the disk arrays.

with one HW component more, you get more chances of fails than
with SW raid ;-)

> 4) The driver source has been public domain and included in
> since kernel rev 2.2.15 - check your machine in the 
> /lib/module/kernel/scsi directory for file 3w-xxxx.o - its
> You can easily update the driver to the latest kernel by
> the source from the 3ware web site and following the directions.
> allows you to upgrade the kernel as often as you like and then
> the drivers if needed.

And what's about firmware and 3dm daemon ? Do you have *source*

> Check out the benchmark on our web site under storage for the
> numbers.

Did you make test LiNUX SW vs. 3ware HW raid?

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