Re: Evolution + files on a file server?

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Em Ter, 2003-11-25 às 14:07, Ben Steeves escreveu:

> > > The other option is to set up an IMAP server.
> > > I am not sure what software you would use on a windows server, I doubt
> > > there is a free solution.
> > This would be nice, if evolution wouldn't get crazy with imap...

Here, It says something like : "scanning folders in ""localhost imap
server"", cpu usage goes to the sky, and nothing happens.

Yes, the imap server IS localhost. I use it with squirrelmail, and have
no problems. But evolution just goes nuts.

If I use it remotely, the same happens. And is the machine with
evolution which goes nuts, not the one with imapd/postfix.

Some time later, it appears a empty dialog with the title "error", and
nothing inside of it, since evolution has already locked up. If I change
it to pop immediately, it says: "Error while scanning imap folders:

kinda bizarre, isn't it?


Alexandre Ganso 
500 FOUR vermelha - Diretor Steel Goose Moto Group

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