Re: Where's the hardware compatibility list?

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>On Mon, 2003-11-24 at 22:39, Jeroen Lankheet wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I need to upgrade from RH7.3 either to RH9 or to Fedora. I base my
>> on the presence of HPT370 RAID support. RH9 has a 3rd party driver. But i
>> cannot find any information on Fedora RAID support, or any other hardware
>> support.
>> Could anyone please tell me where it is?
>Always the recommendation is to avoid HPT or Promise RAID for several
>good reasons:
>1) It doesn't gain you much of any real performance.  If you use RAID-0,
>some synthetic benchmarks show better thruput, but real-world
>Re: Where's the hardware compatibility list?Re: Where's the hardware Re:
Where's >the hardware compatibility list?
>compatibility list?applications are not much better.
>2) It isn't real hardware RAID.  It is poorly implemented software RAID
>done by the drivers.  Real software RAID by the Linux or Windows
>operating system tends to have greater performance and reliability.
>3) If you rely on the 3rd party binary-only drivers from Promise or HPT,
>you are absolutely stuck in upgrading.  To make matters worse sometimes
>those binary-only drivers have been unstable, and the community or RH
>will cannot and will not support you.  You need to rely on the company's
>support, and in most cases they ignore you.
>4) It is *possible* to get it running using the /dev/ataraid devices for
>the root filesystem, but only if you install to a single disk and copy
>everything over manually and redo the GRUB or lilo boot loader.  It
>isn't worth the effort however because this makes it a pain in the butt
>to upgrade, and you don't gain much of any real performance increase.
>Maybe 2 years ago I used to do #4, but it was too much of a pain so I
>switched back to single disks.


Thanks for the warnings.
If Abit didn't like the performance of the HPT370 chip, then why bother
putting it in my KT7-RAID mainboard? Is it because of the term RAID sounding
It looks from the change logs that i will have to go beyond kernel 2.4.18
because of a lot of USB changes. So i will try to upgrade the latest kernel
and load the HPT370 driver module. If that doesn't work, i'm going to say
farewell to my semi-RAID.
I still consider myself a newbie and don't know anything about software


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