Re: Problem with adding packages from CD?

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The updated Package Manager will fix the problem.  I found a post before
that detailed a problem installing packages from cd and suggested
installing the updated Package Manager.  I did.  I can now install
packages from the cd's and I have had no other problems.


On Mon, 2003-11-24 at 06:12, Denis Arnaud wrote:
> Hello Bryan,
> > (a) in the main menu, select System Settings | Add/Remove Appolications
> > (b) the system checks what I have and gives me a list of things to 
> > tick and untick, etc. No problem.
> > (c) I tick xpdf to install that - nothing else.
> > (d) I click Update and the system tells me how many packages are 
> > queued for installation. Up to now, no problem.
> > (e) I click continue and the system gives me a message saying disk 2 
> > is needed.
> > (f) I put in disk 2, click OK and get an error message and it closes.
> >
> >  
> >
> I've installed Fedora Core 1 yesterday, and got exactly the same error 
> when trying to install packages. I some cases, even, the 
> redhat-config-packages hanged forever and I had to kill it manually.
> I've tried to install a few RPMs directly from the FC1 CDs, and it 
> worked for a few RPMs. After that, the package manager stalled. I had to 
> kill it manually.
> The only way I've found to install the RPMs from the FC1 CDs is to check 
> the "All packages" box when installing FC1.
> I've also tried to use the up2date tool, but found that the GPG Key for 
> the was corrupted (sic!) and did not dare to 
> install it further.
> Has anyone else found out what was wrong with the FC1 Package Manager?
> I've noticed, though, that there is an updated version of that Package 
> Manager in the test updates 
> (, 
> but I've not tried to install it.
> Denis
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