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Vincent wrote:

Nope alot of ppl didn't like the gimp for the same reason, Gimp 1.3 supposedly
did alot of work on the interface. What do you think of the screenshot?
It 'looks' much better and polished to me.

Still think it follows the same pattern as before....what's wrong with a main window with toolbars and so on, like everything else? I don't like a load of floating windows and I certainly don't like this constant right-clicking to do all everything. Might be that I've not played with it for long enough, but you know what these things are like - you get so used to one app that anything else feels horrible.

I never got into PhotoShop because I know Picture Publisher 10 inside out and it does everything I need. I'm not sure PP will run under Wine

Bryan Anderson <fedora@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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