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On Fri, 2003-11-21 at 16:56, redhat wrote:
> I have just changed several machines over from RH to Fedora.  The
> up2date function appears to be identical.  I ran it and it showed me
> quite a few packages that needed to be updated but when I selected the
> updates it collected the RPMs but then hung on the installation.  I was
> curious if we have to go out and get the newer up2date RPMs like on RH? 
> Can anyone advise?

It's probably better to "up2date up2date" first before "up2date -u",
yeah.  If up2date hangs run it from the command line ("up2date --nox
-u") and see where it goes wrong...unfortunately from what you've
mentioned it's not clear where the problem may lie.

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