Re: Panel problem, deleted default panel, restore how?

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On Thursday 20 November 2003 11:45, snookertb wrote:
> Hello,
> Using Fedora FC1 ... with default gnome/blue curve install.
> I deleted the default __root__  launcher menu panel by adding a blank
> panel to the top and then deleting the one on the bottom. I foolishly
> deleted the default, but what can I say.
> I know now I could have just changed the properties of the default
> panel on the bottom to just attach to screen top which was what I was
> trying to do.
> Is there a way to restore the default panel with the default launchers?
> Since a new user is born with a new default, somehow the default must
> exist.

There is probably some "fancy" way to fix thing up if you realy, realy 
understand what needs to be done.  Not wanting to spend the time myself to 
really, really understand, what I have done is to create a new user, login 
(gnome) as the new user, logout, and then copy the files generated for the 
new user to the old users directory.

The copy is done a root and I do a chown -vfR <directories> to get the 
ownership right.

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