Re: FC1.0 Install in VMWare VM

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clemens@xxxxxxx wrote:

I'm installing Fedora Core 1.0 in a VMWare VM.
I created a 6G virtual disk and am trying to install
all packages.  So far, I have two problems:

1.  At the end of the install, it prompts me to make a
    boot floppy, but then says the modules required are
    too large to fit on a floppy.   What would be so
    special about the VM environment that it needs
    so many packages that it can't make a boot disk?

Its not a VMWare specific message.  I got the same thing installing
on a PIII with no special hardware on it.

Did you use LVM for the install? I get this message when trying to make a boot disk for an install on LVM partitions. Same thing happens in Redhat 9. No VMware involved.

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