Re: ATI Radeon 9200 -- should I install ATI driver?

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On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 18:32, Warren Togami wrote:
> Are the binary only drivers faster or have some other benefit? 
> Otherwise I wouldn't risk it due to the common stability problems and
> your inability to report bugs to Fedora.  You need to go to ATI for
> support if you use their closed drivers.

My understanding of the way that ATI deals with drivers is this:  the
only driver not available as open source is the one for the current
highest end chipset/card.  When they release the next version of the
chipset and/or Radeon card, they release the previously binary-only
driver (for Linux, but maybe for other platforms, too?) as open-source.

OK.  If this understanding is accurate, then you have the best driver
for your card by getting the open source one.

We have lots of ATI cards at my office.  We just use the open source
drivers from ATI for all of them.  Things work great.  Our LAN parties
are fun :-).
Lamont Peterson <[email protected]>
Guru Labs <>

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