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Francisco Roldan wrote:
Thanks everybody for your answers on my Debian-Gentoo-Fedora email,
I think I am almost decided to upgrade to Fedora.

I have other question, I have worked with rpm since the
old days of Red hat 6, now i am a little confuse with Fedora, I haven't installed yet, but i have read that there is a command
'apt-get' , what is it ?
and what about yum ?

Can i keep usign rpm on Fedora Core 1 ?

Fedora Core 1 doesn't include apt, but you can install from Yum is a lot like apt, but better in some ways, and worse in others. Yum is part of fedora core.

As far as rpms go you are still using rpms. You can install rpms normally with rpm -Uvh. Keep in mind that it may confuse apt, and yum to install rpms from else where.

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