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On Wed, 2003-11-19 at 14:53, Richard Clemens wrote:
> How can I be removed from this list?
> I have sent 2 unsubscribe requests already.
> --
> fedora-list mailing list
> fedora-list@xxxxxxxxxx

Placed at the bottom of EVERY email sent to this list (EVERY ONE!).

At the bottom of that.

To change your subscription (set options like digest and delivery modes,
get a reminder of your password, or unsubscribe from fedora-list), enter
your subscription email address:

why do people not read these things?

Lazy? Stupid? Blind?

Not to mention the email that you get when you subscribe in the first



P.S. I know when I was new to the net, I know I did what you did, but in
my case, I know full well it was pure lazyness/stupidity/ignarance.

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