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"You only live once: let's make life BETTER for each other."
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Elton  ;-)

A: <enter flame, long, illogical tirade here>

Q: Well, why do you *insist* on top posting in newsgroups?
What happens if, sometime in the future you decide to to
a google search for your past postings, or find something
that you had posted a few years ago?

A: Of course NOT. That's stupid. I wouldn't understand a thing!
That's not how written thoughts are processed.

Q: When you read a book, magazine, or other text, do you usually
read the page from the bottom up?

A: Because I feel like it, because I can't set my mailer to
follow accepted "netiqutte". Actually, because I'm just plain
stubborn, and arrogant.
Q: Then why do you top post?

A: Well, pople ought to know what I'm talking about ... even 
those who are just joining the newsgroup, or who are searching
the 'net for answers.

Q: Why can't you be bothered to enter an appropriate sujetct
line instead of "no subject" or "bla, bla-list archives"?

A: Of course, not! ... I am not a mind-reader.

Q: Do you always answer a question before it is even asked?

A: I doubt it, but ....

Q: [to myself] Maybe this will make people understand that it's
not just annoying, but totally illogical and discourteous not to
follow "netiquette" guidelines?

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