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Chiu, PCM (Peter) wrote:

Can someone suggest a laptop model and configuration
that can dual boot  XP, Fedora Core or SuSE with reasonable performance
and least amount of problems.


I am using Roverbook Nautilus B570 (, which is a Russian-made Centrino box. Processor is Pentium M 1300, RAM 512.

My video driver is ATI Mobility 9, it works perfectly in Fedora in 1400 x 1050 resolution, the resolution of my 15" screen. Modem (winmodem!) has driver from Sound card was detected correctly. USB 2.0 ports work with my external hard drive.

I run Windows XP Home (sold with the laptop) doing some Delphi programming. And I am using/learning Linux.

Our church is moving totally to Linux for desktop work and intranet within the office. We're going to have WiFi. I don't have a WiFi card, even though my laptop has a slot for built-in card (I saved some money buying a WiFi-less box). But I will report my progress later.

I am so glad that Fedora is working smoothly on my laptop. I am waiting for Linux to learn how to suspend to hard disk like Windows XP does when I close the laptop.


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