Re: mozilla stopped working

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Mike Klinke wrote:

On Saturday 15 November 2003 15:42, M.Hockings wrote:

I must admit that I don't know at what stage mozilla has stopped as I
was doing a number of things with this one machine yesterday. However now when I click on the mozilla startup icon at the bottom of
the screen it appears to begin to start but then just ends without
any messages displayed. Is there a way to determine why mozilla is
not starting, then I might have a hope about fixing it.


Open up a terminal window and type in "strace mozilla."

This will start up mozilla and keep a running log in the terminal window of wha't going on. When mozilla crashes you may be able to determine the cause by going back and looking at the running log.

Regards,  Mike Klinke

That was actually quite informative. It looks like Mozilla is trying to read on socket 4 and getting an error then it ends. This is after the same socket id (4) had been opened, used and closed several times previous. At this point though it has not been opened past it's last close.

I have tried deleting the .mozilla directory but that makes no difference.

I suspect that maybe a file is bad. How can I force a re-install of Mozilla from the CD ?


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